About us

Dan Cassens has over 40 years of technical training and experience growing timber, harvesting it, sawing it on a Wood Mizer, and drying it.

Daniel Cassens is a Professor Emeritus and Instructor for the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University. Dan retired in May 2017 with 40 years of service. He was asked to return as a Limited Term Lecturer for the 2018 spring semester and is currently teaching two classes. The first class is on Wood Identification and the second is on Wood Products Manufacturing.

In 1995, Dan Cassens purchased an LT40 hydraulic Wood-Mizer sawmill. He used the mill for sawing salvaged timber cut from his own woodlands, for custom sawing, and for dozens of demonstration events for Purdue University. Some of the lumber is kiln dried and sold to custom and weekend woodworkers.

Dan, along with his wife, Vicki, own and manage, for timber production, about 200 acres of Indiana hardwoods. Another activity involves sole management and care of 20 acres of choose-and-cut Christmas trees, including true fir species. Dan recently purchased his third Wood-Mizer mill which is capable of cutting logs up to 30 inches wide.

our advantages

  • Reasonable prices

    Thin kerf band saws are very versatile and have low initial and running costs compared with standard larger mills. Thus, we are able to sell small quantities of kiln and air-dried lumber at very reasonable prices, far below concentration yard or retail values.

  • Locally and sustainably produced

    As part of our sustainability efforts, we have had a long-term commitment to responsible forest management. Improvement cuttings and storm-damaged trees grown on our Indiana timberlands are processed into lumber and sold to local woodworkers.

  • Variety of species and thicknesses

    We are fortunate to have an abundance of beautiful hardwood lumber from our own Indiana forests. We offer most of the Indiana hardwood species in a variety of widths and thicknesses and live-edge slabs, cut primarily from walnut, cherry, white oak, hard maple, and hickory.

Work team

Dan Cassens

Professor Emeritus and Instructor for the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University and owner of Cassens Lumber.

Vicki Cassens

Retired Project Manager and Systems Analyst at Purdue University for 30 years and software developer of the Cassens Lumber website.

Charlie Warner

Student in Forestry and Natural Resouces at Purdue University.

Why choose us

Over 40 years of experience

Dan Cassens has over 40 years of experience working with the hardwood lumber and veneer-producing industries, as well as with the users of hardwood products. He has participated in hundreds of plant visits, organized and conducted many educational seminars, and written extensively.

Leading authority in wood properties and products

Dan Cassens is one of the few wood experts in our country with extensive knowledge of wood identification and properties of wood. He is able to recommend various wood species for different applications.