Custom Sawmilling Services

Cost for Custom Sawing

Custom sawing services are provided at our farm at the cost of $70 per hour, with a $100 minimum. If you bring your logs to our location, we have equipment to unload your logs. If we travel to your location, the cost for custom sawing is the same, but travel time to and from your location will be added to the saw time.

Minimizing Cost

Custom sawing costs can be minimized if the customer is able to help load the logs and move the boards as they are cut. Keeping the logs reasonably free of dirt also improves sawing time and quality. With your help, it usually takes about one hour to saw two 16-inch logs. Most customers bring small quantities of logs to the farm to avoid the travel and preparation costs incurred otherwise.

Log Size

We can saw about any log starting at 6 inches in diameter, 5 feet long, up to 30 inches in diameter, 20 feet long. The smaller logs are probably not cost effective. The most desirable logs are 12 to 24 inches inside the bark, small end, straight, and 8 to 16 feet long.

Sawing Location

If we travel to your location, you will need to prepare the logs ahead of time so that they are ready to saw. The logs should be lined up like hot dogs in a package leaving enough room for a full size pickup and a 24-foot long sawmill to pull or back alongside them. If the logs are not lined up and ready to go, equipment to move them into place will need to be provided.